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Revelation 19

04 January 2014 - 06:46 AM

Does anyone have any good resources on Revelation 19?

What's going on in Rev 19:3? I assumed it underscored the finality of Babylon's destruction (in quoting Isaiah 34:10 - there's not much left of Edom). It has been suggested though that when it says "And a second time they said, Hallelujah", it means this isn't about the same thing, but a second, final, destruction, maybe a remnant. Others say this is said after the events at the end of the chapter.

Also, how relevant are Deut 32:43 and 2 Kings 9:7 to Rev 19:2? It seems to be quoting that, but so far I've found no-one who mentions them, only that this is an answer to Rev 6:10 (which seems odd to me).