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Satan And Demons

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Posted 04 December 2005 - 03:43 AM

  • Buzzard argues that the use of the word PROSERCHOMAI in the Matthew account of Christ's temptation in the wilderness is proof that the source of Christ's temptation was an individual external to himself. He argues further that this Greek word can never be used figuratively, or refer to something within an individual.

    It was demonstrated to Buzzard that both of these claims are false. The entry for PROSERCHOMAI in Liddell, Scott and Jones Greek Lexicon (a standard lexical authority), shows that in the Greek literature it is used:

  • Of increasing pain: 'O my foot, how great will be the pain you cause me! It is creeping, it is coming nearer, [PROSERCHETAI] wretched that I am!' (Sophocles 'Philoctetes' 788)
  • Of an expectation having come: 'Alas! my expectation [ELPIV] has come [PROSHLQHN]' (Euripides 'Orestes' 859)

Both of these are, of course, within a person.

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Posted 04 December 2005 - 03:44 AM

A different compound of the same Greek word (EISERCHOMAI), is used to speak of something entering an individual which is non-physical, such as a thought. The entry for EISERCHOMAI in Liddell, Scott and Jones shows that in the Greek literature it is used:
  • Of courage entering men:

    'that daring fearless spirit which lays hold [EISERCHETAI] of men who are engaging in the struggle' (Iliad 17.157)

  • Of a thought coming into one's mind:

    'even though he was in such a wretched position it occurred to him [EISHLQEIN]', literally 'it came to him' (Herodotus 'Histories' 1.86)

    'The men, pleased at the thought of hearing the best singer in the world [KAI TOISI EISHLQEIN GAR HEDONEN EI MELLOEIN AKOUSESQAI TOU ARISTOU ANTROWPON AOIDOU] (Herodotus 'Histories' 1.24)

    'Never think [ESELQETW] that, through terror at the will of Zeus, I shall become womanish [ESELQHTW SE MHPOQ HWS EGW DIOV GNQMEN FWBHQEIV QHLUNOUV GENHSOMAI', literally 'Let it never come to you that', etc (Aeschylus 'Prometheus' 1002)

  • Of something coming up among a group of people:

    'the kind of thing that came up [EISHLQH] among us lately' (Plato 'Theaetetus' 147c, as in Luke 9:46)
It is clear that both of these compounds are used to describe something as entering into an individual, when in actual fact it originated from within the individual.

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Posted 04 December 2005 - 03:45 AM

It is noteworthy that Anthony Buzzard's open challenge has received numerous replies from Christadelphians, both in public and in private (a list of at least a dozen brethren could be made), and yet no mention of them is made on his website or in his article.

Even more significant is the fact that the historical evidence for expositors holding the same position as the Christadelphians has been presented to Buzzard (as requested by him), but has received no response.

Despite a statement from Buzzard assuring that he would update his original article to acknowledge this evidence, no such alteration has been made, and to date the article remains in its original form as posted in 2001.

Given Buzzard's silence on this issue, and the appearance his article gives that he has never yet received a reply to his challenge, it was considered important to present this work to the Brotherhood at large, in order for the truth to be known. Contributing to this decision was the fact that both Buzzard's challenge and his arguments are known to some other Christian groups, who have adopted them in their opposition to Christadelphian doctrine.

It is the author's prayer that this work will be of assistance to brethren and sisters confronted by such opposition, as well as to members of the Christian group with which Buzzard associates (Church Of God General Conference), who may be interested in examining their own position on this subject.

More important still, it is the author's prayer that this work will help others come to a deeper appreciation of the Divine teaching on temptation, sin, and death, as well as the plan of salvation designed by a loving God for His erring creation.

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Posted 26 January 2008 - 06:22 PM

Additional study attached.

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