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#447844 ~ 600 families of Exodus. Need help - fixing translation into English of this...

Posted by vasnas on 24 November 2014 - 02:43 PM in Archaeology, Biblical History & Textual Criticism

Dear friends, can you check orthography and etc. of my translation from Russian into English of my very interesting article, please?!

I'm Russian (by my soul with Ukrainians now) and English is not my native language, but I'm zeal to acquaint English-speaking world to very new scientific results for free.

This is a link to the whole text http://bible-exodus....brief_2013.html

It seems better to use for fixing the Ms Word in the fixing regime? - so I can see all the changes...

Or, if there is any hardness copy this just here...

Or, just give me an advise, please, where and who can help me?


~ 600 families of 'hebrews' of Exodus but 2-3 milllion ~ 43 year in 'Egypt', but 430 year.

Is this correct?

Thanks a lot!
Sasha, Crimea


#447482 Where have half of the young men of the Merari tribe gone?

Posted by vasnas on 11 February 2014 - 12:17 PM in Theology

What way half of young men of Merari family have gone?


Merari family has two times less children & young people then the Kohath and Gershon families have, ~ 1 year past Exodus. (Nimbers 3)

                            < 30        30-50   Summary  Ratio
sons of Kohath      5850      2750      8600      2,13
sons of Gershon    4870      2630      7500      1,85
sons of Merari        3000      3200      6200      0,94

Summary:           13720      8580      22300      1,6

This is two times less than the natural ratio of typical societies with the traditional type of reproduction.
Who knowns what happened with Merari family ?